Thursday, February 2, 2012

The adventure of the burial...

Well, today was the burial for my Momma and Daddy.

For those of you who are confused, Momma passed away Dec. 13, 2008. Her wishes were to be cremated. We did that, and Daddy had her sitting on the piano, which was her piano, for the last three years. He wanted to be cremated as well, and we decided to try and bury them together. Our cemetery doesn't allow that, so we had to buy two plots... one for each of them.

Since they had already been cremated, we decided to just bury them in their urns. Nothing special, or more ornate was needed. I was dreading and looking forward to this day, for a variety of reasons.

We arrived at the cemetery 30 minutes early, because we were not sure what our responsibility was, other than bringing them with us. The holes had already been dug, and we went to find whoever was there, to see what the next step was.

Well, we ran into the man who takes care of the grass, weed eating, and general whatnot of the cemetery. The only nice thing I can say about this man, was he was ..... ummm.... ok.. I can't think of anything nice to say about him. We spent the 30 minutes, waiting, and listening to his stories of "cemetery humor" and the women he picks up. Mind you, this man was 70 something years old. My nerves were slowly coming apart. At exactly 2:05, the man who does the burial shows up. He was a very nice man, who did his job, with dignity, and treated the ashes of my parents with respect. The old guy, who Scott finally had to tell "Please give us space and time for this" was yapping in the background the whole time with more cemetery humor. I was trying to be nice, but it was totally inappropriate for him to act like that during the burial of my parents! Scott was about a hair away from punching him in the mouth, and finally the guy decided to walk back to his office. Lucky for him. Scott never gets angry, but when he does.. it is very ugly.

We stayed and watched until the last piece of grass was sown back onto the grave. It was sad, because I was  thinking the whole time, that these are the people who gave birth to me, nurtured me, helped me grow, and made me the person who I am today. I was fervently hoping they were looking down and thinking what a great woman I have become.

RIP Momma and Daddy... I love you and miss you.

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