Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decisions.. not what I want, but a decision has to be made.

What a day. I wish I could say it was a good day, but it wasn't. Daddy's mental state today was awful. He was back in his helicopter pilot days. He didn't know me at first, but ended up figuring out who I was after some prodding. All day he was like this. I couldn't get him to stay awake. He would fall asleep sitting upright.

I called the nurse, because this was not normal, and she came by and agreed this was not normal. We aren't sure what is going on, other than the progression of the disease.

I also had my meeting today with the lady who owns the sitter business. They charge $15.00 per hour for anything under 5 hours a day. Anything over 5 hours per day is $12.00 per hour. At first thought, I thought this was completely doable. After looking at some numbers, that is not the case. Example... I wanted somebody from 6pm to 6am to come and stay with him. That would be $144.00 per day, $1008.00 per week, $4032.00 per month. None of this is covered by insurance. This would be our out of pocket expense for just 12 hours per day of care.

The average rate for the nursing home, is $165.00 per day. I did look at his insurance policy and found he does not have extended care coverage. So unless I want the nursing home to own everything he owns, or pay every penny he has to a sitter service, I have one alternative.

That alternative is to move him in with us. I do/did not want this option to be on the table, but there is really no choice in the matter. I can take care of him at home, much easier than I can being at his house half of the day. If he is at my house, everything can get taken care of, his care, school, my chores at home. I will only have one house to take care of, which will be a huge burden off of me. I did not want to disrupt my families life this way, but I see no choice in the matter.

Scott is thinking on this tonight, I am staying with Daddy tonight, and I am thinking on this.... We are in agreement, this is our best option, whether we like it or not.

This will be a huge undertaking, on my part, and Daddy has no idea this is what we are going to do yet. Hopefully he will agree, if he is coherent enough to understand what we are going to do. If he is not, we will up and move him, and hope for the best in the long run. Hospice will still come just like they are, just to my house, not his.

Please keep us in your thoughts as we undertake this ... we need all we can get.

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