Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Waiting

As of yesterday at around 2pm, Daddy went on the Morphine pump. He has stopped input and output of any liquids or solids. The nurses from Hospice were here 3 times yesterday to check on him, to hook up the pump, and make sure things were going as smoothly as possible.

He is close to death. Probably within the next 24 hours. Although, nobody knows exactly when, except the Big Man upstairs. So, we are waiting. Waiting for the pain, and suffering to end. We took shifts last night watching him. We only have to administer Xanax, by crushing it up, adding a little water, and using the syringe - slowing dripping it into his mouth. That seems to help a great deal with the spasms he seems to be having.

We did get a little bit of sleep, in 2 hour bursts. We are running on pure adrenaline now.

At least the pain is eased, with the Morphine pump. They increased the dosage around 6pm last night and that helped immensely. As long as we administer the Xanax every 2 hours, the spasms seem to be eased as well.

I will describe the process that we have witnessed in another blog. Things are too raw as of right now. I am honestly and truly just ready for him to go. I have told him to go be with my Momma, we will be ok, and they can watch over us from heaven.

Although nobody knows exactly when he will pass, the nurse (and I agree with her, after reading some of the literature that Hospice has provided), figures we are looking at 24-48 hours. I just hope, this ends for him soon. And for us, as well. This has been so painful to watch.

Please keep the thoughts, prayers, mojo, and whatever else you can, coming our way.

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  1. Julie you need to feel confident in your decision to have spent every last moment with your Daddy as he passed. I did the something with my Daddy and sat with him while he was taking his last breathe. I will never regret being the only one there when he died. The only difference was that my Daddy knew I was there up until the moment he had his last shot of morphine and slowly passed away to join my Mommy whom he was without for 13 years. Julie you are one of the most unselfish, loving, loyal people that I know and I am proud to say that you are my SISTER SOUL.