Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ram...

Yesterday we traded in Daddy's Ram. I couldn't drive that truck anymore. It is funny how an "object" can make you feel so conflicted. Every time I got in it, I got such weird feelings. It was Daddy's baby, his absolute pride and joy. But, it was his pride and joy, not mine.

He gave me that truck awhile back, because he couldn't drive anymore. Daddy being Daddy, didn't ask if I wanted it, liked it, or anything like that. That was not his way. Since it was his pride and joy, it was supposed to be my pride and joy. Not even close.

I am a rather small person. I am 5' 4" tall, and weigh around 100 pounds. Getting in and out of that truck was a job. I almost needed a step stool to get in the thing. I had to jump down to get out of it. Scott passed me not long ago, when I was in town, and he was coming home. He said I looked like a "munchkin" in that truck. No doubt!

Daddy would go out every day, and make sure the wheels were clean, the tires were shined, and take a cloth and run it over the whole truck. I haven't cleaned the thing, since I have been driving it. He was rather disappointed in me, but I told him, he was keeping me quite busy, and I didn't have time to do all that.

The feelings I have had since he passed away for that truck, have been so strange. I just had to get rid of it. As soon as possible, I had to get rid of it. The reasons are mine, and really make no sense. Maybe some of it was I wished I was his pride and joy instead of that truck. I may have been, but it was never verbalized to me. Whatever my thinking is on this, it really doesn't matter. The truck is gone, and I am very happy about that. We bought a brand new Ford Fusion SEL, which gets much better gas mileage and looks like the space shuttle on the inside. The car is a much better fit for me and my needs.

We are probably keeping his Durango, since it works well as our family traveling vehicle. I am very satisfied with my decision, and so is Scott. He completely understood my need to be rid of the Ram.

I feel very positive about my decision to trade it, and I have a car I love.

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