Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lack of sleep!

Tomorrow will be a week, since I moved in with Daddy. Can you say TIRED? Wow! It seems all I do, is clean up him, after him, wash bedding, clothes, cook, and clean. Which, is exactly what I am doing. Nothing I did not expect.

But, I am getting somewhat grumpy! Probably because of lack of sleep. I sleep very little during the night. There are a few reasons for this. Obviously, my mind won't stop, is the first reason. The second reason, is Scott put the bed rails on the hospital bed. For some unknown reason, this drives Daddy nuts. At night, when he wakes up, he shakes the hell out of that rail, for me to get it off! So, I think I am sleeping with one eye open, to avoid the nightly "rail confrontation" (for his safety or not, he hates that rail). The third reason, is I am sleeping in a chair. I have a La-Z-Boy recliner at home that is like a dream. This chair is like a nightmare! UGH! Scott offered to bring my chair, and I said no. If this goes on much longer, I may take him up on his offer.

Little things are driving me crazy. Things that shouldn't, but are anyway. Daddy has a tendency to fall asleep sitting up. When I go to wake him up, to put him in the bed, or whatever, he says No, he is fine. Then promptly falls asleep sitting up again. We go through this a couple of times a day, sometimes for an hour or so, at a time.

Another thing is he still smokes. So this falling alseep with a cigarette in his hand is another battle we go through a few times a day. I have to watch him like a hawk, to make sure he doesn't drop that cigarette on himself, the bed, or the carpet.

None of this is his fault. He is dying. But, I think my problem is, my patience is running low because of lack of sleep.

During the day, when he naps, I have to try to get the chores, cooking, phone calls, and whatever else done. Then, if there is time, I can catch a nap. But, with the nurses, aides, and whoever else, coming in and out of the house, the nap chances for me are slim.

Other people are getting on my nerves as well. Even though I am stuck in this house 24/7, I talk to people, and see quite a few people every day. Most everybody is great! There are a couple of people who are just driving me crazy. They say.. oh sure, I will be glad to talk to you, then they are unavailable. Luckily I have many friends who are available to talk to, and those who call me everyday to check on things. I thank my lucky stars for them every day. It makes those who do not keep their word, seem so very small and insignificant.

Hopefully we will have a better night than we have had, the last few, and I can get some sleep and get back to some sense of normal and in a decent mood.

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