Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's see if we can find some humor in all of this...

Well, it has been three nights since I moved in here with Daddy. He is going downhill so fast, it is kind of scary. But, I have been able to make him smile and laugh, and that is a wonderful feeling. If you have a weak stomach or do not like bathroom humor, go ahead and stop reading now!

He is now in diapers all the time, not just at night. Which has truly helped me out when it comes to the bedding. No more covers, sheets, and him covered in dookie. Dookie is what we called number two, when Brandon was growing up. We called his butt a Bounkie (Boon-key). While daddy was sitting on the toilet last night, I decided he was he king of dookie! That man can spend 45 minutes just sitting there going to the bathroom. I told him I was going to make him a crown, and declare him the official king of dookie. Which he thought was hilarious.

I sit on the floor in the bathroom, while he goes, because he is so unsteady, he will just topple over when he tries to stand up. Who would have thought we would have some of the funniest, best conversations in the bathroom. Not me!! But, we sure do.

All this got me thinking, it is so funny how people come up with funny names for bathroom habits, and body parts. I would love to hear your nicknames for body parts and bathroom habits!

Another hilarious thing, is when he wakes up at night, he usually has to pee. So we have some of the bottles from the hospital... pee bottles... that he can use so he doesn't have to weeble wobble into the bathroom. I was helping him do that night before last, and he completely missed! I was like "Daddy, how can you miss? You just stick it in there, you don't have to aim or anything". Which he thought was so funny! So, now I make damn sure it is "in there" before he starts going.

So, in all of this there is still humor. He is having serious delusions, and I think it won't be long before he comes bedridden and his mind is totally gone, so I am going to enjoy the hell out of every moment we have, even if a lot of them, are spent in the bathroom.

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